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Diocese of Las Vegas
Bishop Joseph Pepe
 Nevada Catholic Conference
2805 Mountain Street
Carson City, Nevada 89703
(775) 222-0027

Diocese of Reno
Bishop Randolph Calvo

    The Catholic Dioceses of Nevada extend prayers for those who were the victims of the shooting in the Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and to their families, the first responders, and the whole community of Sutherland Springs, Texas. We ask the Lord for His loving care of our Baptist brothers and sisters who died, and for healing of those who were injured.

     We take note that the massacre in the Sutherland Springs Baptist Church joins the horror experienced in Las Vegas, as part of an ever-growing list of mass shootings. We believe the time has come, when we cannot simply offer prayers, and silently wait for the next such tragedy. We must instead acknowledge that there is a fundamental problem in our society, which must be addressed.

     We acknowledge that it is not possible to prevent all gun violence. However, we must, at a minimum, be open to meaningful ways to attempt to prevent future mass shooting tragedies. That process begins with acknowledging that so long as there is access to high powered, semi-automatic, assault type weapons, with large capacity magazines, and which are capable of firing many rounds per minute, such tragedies will continue. Failure to make that acknowledgement, and to work to lessen, if not fully prevent, that reality, is acknowledging that we, as a society, are willing to live with mass shootings occurring at public gatherings, in schools, in churches, and in other public places. If we stand silent, rather than speaking out, then we cannot honestly express shock and horror when such mass killings occur.

     We encourage all Nevada Catholics to support our position, and to join in looking for, and working to adopt, meaningful ways to minimize such tragedies. Merely waiting for the next mass shooting to occur is not an option.

In Christ, Bishop Joseph Pepe' and Bishop Randolph Calvo

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