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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

During his visit to Brazil, Pope Francis said, “The measure of the greatness of a society is found in the way it treats those most in need” (World Youth Day, Address, July 25, 2013). With these words, Pope Francis continues to bring our attention back to the poor and our responsibility toward them. The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) responds directly to this call by addressing the root causes of poverty in the United States.

Nevadans for the Common Good (NCG) was formed in May of 2012 at the first Community Convention of the Las Vegas Valley Interfaith Sponsoring Committee (LVVISC) which was founded in 2010 with grant money funded by CCHD. During the Community Convention NCG announced the current areas of focus include battling human trafficking, and particularly child sex trafficking; assisting the vulnerable elderly; fighting neighborhood blight; more effectively integrating immigrant families into the community; and addressing issues related to education and schools. During the 2013 Nevada Legislative Session NCG successfully advocated on behalf of AB 67 which would strengthen the laws against human trafficking for the sex trade. NCG then held its Second Community Convention for the Common Good on May 13th, 2014 at Cashman Center in Las Vegas.where 1,600 community leaders were in attendance representing congregations and nonprofits including several Catholic parishes from throughout the Las Vegas Valley. At the Community Convention NCG highlighted stories and issues related to elder care, transportation, education, immigration and human trafficking and obtained commitments from a broad range of public officials at the local, state and federal levels. These commitments have led to important services for low-income seniors, increased funding for public education, targeted programs for our most disadvantaged children, protection from abuse for immigrant families, and funds to address hunger in rural communities.

This collection is the primary source of funding for CCHD’s anti-poverty grants and education programs, like the grant that supports NCG. Funding from the collection offers new hope every year to those living in poverty throughout the United States. And remember, 25 percent of the collection’s proceeds stay here in our diocese to fight poverty in our community and defend the dignity of our neighbors. Help us defend human dignity and show Christ’s charity to those in need.

For more information about the collection for CCHD and the groups it funds, please visit

God bless you,

Most Reverend Joseph A. Pepe, D.D., J.C.D.
Bishop of Las Vegas                                                                          
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