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Called into the Desert

The Diocese of Las Vegas consists of 39,688 square miles of land located within the southern portion of the state of Nevada. Within its boundaries, 30 parish communities exist within both small rural towns and the large, brightly-lit metropolitan area of Las Vegas. Not only is the Diocese one of the fastest growing areas in Nevada, it is also home to one of the largest tourist destinations within the United States.

The basic facts of Las Vegas are striking: its city population is now over one million people, the tourist industry brings in some 35 million people a year and the people moving to the Las Vegas area number around 5,000 a month. We estimate that one third of our population is Catholic, or about 600,000 people. The Diocese consists of 29 Parishes, 1 Shrine, and 6 Missions. There are 34 incardinated active diocesan priests who receive assistance from 21 other extern diocesan priests and Religious.

With these statistics, you can easily see that the demand for parishes and priests in the Diocese of Las Vegas has never been greater. The need to build more parishes is crucial. Yet our Diocese lacks the number of priests needed to shepherd these growing faith communities.

The Catholic Church in Nevada is a vibrant community of faith filled people who gather often to celebrate their faith. Life within our parishes is filled with the demands of various church programs as well as priestly ministry expressed in a multitude of ways.

Whether it be welcoming new parishioners, celebrating parish Masses, visiting the sick, elderly and the dying, participating in RCIA, sharing in the sacramental life of the Church, teaching adults and children, visiting the imprisoned, or working with high school and college students, the priests of the Diocese of Las Vegas are dedicated men who work tirelessly in the sharing of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

As men of prayer, priests listen to the voice of God and, as men of ministry, they share God's message with all. Together with their Bishop, these men become the "voices in the desert," proclaiming the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to all they serve.

Who are called to join these "voices in the desert?" Men who have a deep love for the Church, a rich prayer life, are academically competent, morally sound, have good physical and psychological health, and are orthodox in their faith and in the practice of their faith; Men who have good common sense, and a love for mission and the People of God; Men who are self-sacrificing and desire to offer their lives for the good of the
Catholic Church in Southern Nevada.

High school students are encouraged to contact their parish priest or the Vocation Director so that they may be supported in the process of making a decision. College students and men ages 19-40 are encouraged to contact the Vocation Director so that the process of discernment may be handled smoothly. Candidates may be asked to partake in a Pre-Theology Program in order to fulfill the necessary hours of Philosophy required before entering Theology. The Bishop, having reviewed each candidate's academic background, will determine what Seminary College and School of Theology he will send his candidates.

Do you feel that you have a vocation to the priesthood within the Diocese of Las Vegas? Are you willing to commit yourself to the Catholic Church and the People of God in Southern Nevada? If you are open, willing and able, come and join our journey of faith. If you are high school-aged or older and wish to know more information about becoming a priest in the Diocese of Las Vegas, please contact Fr. Ron Zanoni at the Vocation Office by calling 702-735-3500 ext. 2223.

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