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Marriage Policy for the Diocese of Las Vegas

Because of continuing confusion among Catholic couples throughout the United States wishing to celebrate the Sacrament of Matrimony in Las Vegas, the following is to assist them in legitimately celebrating a Catholic Wedding. Canon policy requires Catholics to be married in a Roman Catholic Church or before a priest or deacon who is in good standing with the Church of Rome.

The first step is for the couple to contact their parish priest to set an appointment to begin premarital preparation.  Do not set a wedding date until you have spoken with Pastor of the parish where the wedding will take place.


Weddings being celebrated by couples who live outside of the Diocese of Las Vegas must contact their parish priest to begin premarital preparation.  The second step would be to contact the Guardian Angel Cathedral, (702) 735- 5241, which is the Canonically designated church in the diocese that celebrates weddings for couples who live outside of the diocese.  Do not set a wedding date until you have spoken with the Rector of the Cathedral.

The following documents are to be obtained:

1.    Pre-nuptial Investigation Forms of your parish are to be completed with the person preparing you in your parish church.

  Affidavits of Freedom to Marry for both bride and groom within the previous six months.

  Recently issued Baptismal Certificates (within six months).

  Any required dispensations from the Diocese of the Catholic Party.

Declaration of Nullity for any previous marriage(s) must be included.

  Widow/Widower's death certificate of spouse(s) must be included.

  Priest's written statement that pre-marital instructions have been given to both parties.

  Permission to perform the marriage from the Pastor of the Catholic Couple or Catholic Party.

  Letter of permission from the parish or Guardian Angel Cathedral in Las Vegas to the Tribunal about the couple where the wedding is to be celebrated. 


When all of these papers have been obtained by your parish priest, they are to be forwarded to the Chancery Office of diocese of the Catholic couple or party for the Visum. Your Chancery Office will then send the required documents to the Chancery Office of the Diocese of Las Vegas, P.O. Box 18316, Las Vegas, Nevada 89114, for the Nihil Obstat, no later than 60 days prior to the date of the wedding.

Civil Marriage License:  a State of Nevada Marriage License must be obtained from the Clark County Marriage Bureau, 200 S. Third Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada.  The bride and groom must appear together before a marriage license agent to obtain a marriage license. In Las Vegas, Nevada, no blood tests, waiting period, or residence or citizenship is required to obtain a marriage license. Licenses are issued immediately and expire one year from date of issue.

Arrival in Las Vegas: plan on arriving a few days before your scheduled wedding to meet with the priest or deacon who will be officiating at your wedding. The marriage license may be given to the priest or deacon at this time.



A priest or deacon wishing to witness a wedding in Las Vegas for a couple must have the following:

  • At least 70 days before the wedding is to take place, a letter of good standing produced in the format required by the Diocese of Las Vegas on letterhead of the diocese or religious institute of visiting priest or deacon must be sent to the Office of the Chancellor, Diocese of Las Vegas, P. O. Box 18316, Las Vegas, Nevada 89114.  


  • This letter must include the visiting priest or deacon's full name and address, that the priest or deacon is a resident of the United States, that the priest or deacon has an active parish assignment.  It should further contain information regarding the specific wedding that he will be celebrating, including the name of the couple, the date of the wedding, and the name and place of the church.


  • Delegation/permission from the Pastor of the Catholic couple as well as from the Pastor of the host parish in Las Vegas.


  • A license from the State of Nevada to witness marriages is required. The paperwork is to be handled through the Chancery Office, Diocese of Las Vegas, (702) 697-3903. 


Office of the Chancellor
Diocese of Las Vegas,
336 Cathedral Way
Las Vegas, NV 89109-0716


The Chancellor’s Office will send the priest or deacon the paperwork to obtain a Temporary Marriage License and when completed the priest or deacon sends it to the Chancellor’s Office of the Diocese of Las Vegas.


  • Premarital Investigation Form - as used in Catholic’s party's diocese, along with the documentation for any required dispensation or permission (This will be handled by your priest or deacon).


  • Proof of Baptism for the Catholic couple or Catholic party 

The wedding ceremony will take place in a Catholic Church or Chapel.  Weddings are not permitted in a casino or casino wedding chapel.

Exceptions: in the case of a marriage between a Catholic and a Jewish or Muslim person and a baptized non-Catholic, permission to celebrate the wedding in a church building other than a Catholic Church, ( excluded are wedding chapels of any type of Casino Chapel) may be sought if there are objections of conscience by non-Catholics who fall into the two alone. In such a case, the Catholic party’s priest or deacon must seek a Dispensation from Canonical & Canonical form of place from the Bishop of Las Vegas. The priest or deacon celebrating the wedding must also agree to this, and the couple needs to make arrangements with the non-Catholic Minister to use the building.


  • The visiting priest or deacon should contact the pastor of the parish in Las Vegas where the wedding will be celebrated to receive permission to officiate at the wedding.


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