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More about the Creighton Model:
Official Creighton Model Fertility Care System site:

More about our Catholic context for NFP:
Humane Vitae*
Theology of the Body*

Catholic East Texas article by
Deanna Johnston, M.A.

Natural Family Planning (NFP)

About Stella-Ruby, RN, BSN, CrMS

Stella-Ruby Palileo, a cradle Catholic, received her BSN from McAuley School of Nursing, University of Detroit Mercy.

She's been an RN for 23 years, specializing in NICU nursing for 19 years. Currently, Stella-Ruby is a FertilityCare Practictioner Intern at Saint Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction. She is completing her studies to become a Creighton Model System (Creighton Model) Certified FertilityCare Practictioner.

Stella-Ruby is grateful for the opportunity to teach the Creighton Model System to couples wishing to learn a method of Natural Family Planning and also to teach women how to monitor their fertility & gynecologic health.

NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING is a way for a couple to consciously and responsibly choose when to have their children.

FERTILITY CARE IS a way for a woman to consciously and responsibly monitor and appreciate her own body and reproductive cycle.


1. It works!

Five scientific studies in the last 25 years have confirmed that the method is over 99% effective, which is better efficacy for avoiding pregnancy than the birth control pill.

2. It is healthy and safe.

Creighton Model is the most highly researched method of natural fertility regulation. Unlike pharmaceutical (the pill), invasive (IUDs), hormonal (the pill) or surgical methods of contraception, Creighton Model cooperates fully and holistically with a woman’s natural reproductive system.

3. It can be used at any stage of a woman’s reproductive life.

Creighton Model can be used by young women, women who have irregular cycles, who are breastfeeding, women who are ovulating, women who are not ovulating, women who are approaching menopause and women who have fertility problems.

4. It’s an excellent health record. 

Creighton Model is becoming one of the best gynecological health records a woman can keep. 

5. It is easy to learn. 

Just as people take prepared childbirth classes and breastfeeding classes, couples can take classes to learn about their own reproductive systems and to learn how to plan their families naturally. 

6. It is morally right. 

A couple can experience great peace knowing the method they are using together is completely moral and legitimate. 

7. It is shared method.

When couples use the Creighton Model, they share in the decision to avoid or achieve pregnancy. This fosters great communication because the couple is working together so neither is bearing the family planning responsibility alone. 

8. It is inexpensive.

Having one’s tubes tied and IVF can cost thousands of dollars. Birth control pills and repeated hormone shots can cost hundreds of dollars per year. All artificial methods of contraception have a price tag. And those are just the dollar costs. What about the cost on a woman’s health as she uses artificial methods instead of natural ones? What about the emotional cost on a marriage that places the family planning decision on only one person in the relationship? Meanwhile, the Creighton Model is an educational system, that once taught by a properly trained teacher, can be used for our entire reproductive lives.  



















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